This Ring Could Be The Reason For Divorce!
Posted in DCLA News, on 20 February 2014, by Isabelle Tayler

We know just how personal each couples' choice of engagement ring is. The shape of the diamond, the carat, and the colour of the metal are just a few of the factors that need to be carefully considered and customised according to each couples' personality and preference. The end result is always a totally unique engagement ring that hopefully will be worn for many years to come. With such a process, it's no doubt that we were shocked to see this research from in the UK that suggests that the choice of engagement ring can be a factor in future divorce!


According to the survey of 1812 women, there is definitely a style of engagement ring that could ring the death toll for your relationship.The survey asked the women to describe their engagement ring, hoping to get general style guidelines of what the most popular engagement ring design was in the UK.


While the survey revealed positive things about the recent trends regarding engagement rings, Compare Jewellery was alarmed when they saw that time after time, certain styles were being linked to the stories of divorcees. Across the board, it seemed as if the unluckiest engagement ring was a white gold setting with a large main diamond and then smaller diamonds broaching across the ring's shoulder. The average price for this unlucky ring was $1300.


So if you're thinking of buying an engagement ring that matches this description, beware! However, we've always found that the happiest couples are those that ignore superstition like this and just do what makes them happy. And maybe that's the best approach after all.