Your Pick: Big Diamond Rings or a House of Your Own?
Posted in DCLA News, on 10 March 2014, by Sasha Gusain
Not every woman lusts after massive diamond engagement rings. An eye opening survey reveals that half the women polled would rather pay for a house than rocks on a finger.

ERA Real Estate - a residential real estate company, ‘polled 1,000 people in committed relationships and half of the women surveyed said they’d forgo a big engagement ring,’ reports Huffington Post. The preferred option was to spend, instead, toward the down payment of a house. 17 per per cent of the survey respondents claimed to have done exactly that.

60 per cent of the respondents also stated a similar preference toward spending on a house rather than splurging on expensive honeymoons. Despite an obvious effort by ERA to portray spending on real estate as sensible, the survey does bring to light a cultural shift. Today, spending on anything of significant value is seen as an investment rather than an extravagance.

Interestingly, only young survey respondents in their 20s picked a house down payment over expensive engagment rings. Daily Finance reports: “While 50 percent of women in their 20s would choose the home rather than diamonds, only 8 percent of women in their 50s and only 2 percent of women in their 60s would give up the bling.”