An Engagement Ring With a Twist
Posted in DCLA News, on 01 April 2014, by Isabelle Tayler


An unknown couple has posted images of their unique engagement ring on the popular site, Reddit. Instead of the classic diamond, these two opted for something a little out of the ordinary. At DCLA Diamond Exchange, we're all about finding the perfect engagement for each unique couple. Sometimes that'll mean an enormous diamond set in platinum, sometimes that'll mean a simple vintage-style emerald cut, and sometimes, it means something completely different.


At first glance, the ring looks as if it's a rough silver band. However, when you look closer, you see that there are photo slides delicately wrought within the silver. If you hold the ring up to the light, you can see beautiful images from the couple's time together. Neat, right?

A ring like this is certainly indicative of a very happy and very individualistic couple. Since this design isn't usually available on the market, they would have had to have it specially created by a silversmith. Bespoke designs are becoming more and more popular for today's couples as no one wants to be part of the crowd. Finding a design that really represents who you are as a couple is also becoming easier than ever as the industry gets on board.

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