Ring Style of the Week: The 'Audrey'
Posted in DCLA News, on 21 April 2014, by Isabelle Tayler

Introducing a new feature for the DCLA blog, we are starring one of our stunning bespoke ring styles each week. This week in centrestage, we have the 'Audrey'. Named after the film actress and fashion icon of the 20th century Audrey Hepburn, this ring style is perfect for a woman with timeless understated elegance.

Audrey has always been closely aligned with diamond rings during her career. One of her most famous films, Breakfast at Tiffany's, is centred around a lonely Audrey's obsession with the Tiffany's store in New York City. You can see the opening scene of this moving film below!


When we saw this beautiful ring style, we knew that it had to be named after the 20th century's watchword for elegance. The essence of Audrey Hepburn is encapsulated in this ring, and its simple beauty will perfectly complement the wearer.

If you'd like to make this ring uniquely your own today, simply choose your diamond and assign it to the 'Audrey'.