Large CVD laboratory grown diamonds on the increase.
Posted in DCLA News, on 30 September 2015, by Michael Cohen

A 3.09 ct Chemical Vapour Deposit laboratory grown diamond is the first large synthetic diamond examined at HRD Antwerp.

CVD Synthetic diamond
CVD synthetic diamonds are grown in a chamber using a carbon rich gas.
Colourless CVD lab-grown diamonds are nitrogen deficient. The resulting diamond will therefore always be a type IIa or type IIb diamond.

DiamondView CVD test
DiamondView imaging and analyses of the growth structure of the diamond. No phosphorescence was observed.
Except for the NV0 centre, no other peaks are observed in the UV-VIS spectrum. There are no clear indications of possible colour treatment after growth.
The 3.09 ct CVD lab grown diamond is a brilliant cut I colour and VS2 clarity.
DCLA is the only laboratory in Australia to have a guarantee that every diamond ever certified has been checked and tested using the DiamondSure and DiamondView.
All DCLA certified diamonds are proven natural. Every DCLA diamond report will have the notation “Natural Diamond “.