Akoya Pearls

What are Akoya Pearls?

Akoya pearls are the most common form of cultured pearls, and also amongst the most popular.

These pearls are grown from Akoya oysters in Japan – the smallest pearl-growing oyster in the world. They typically are cultivated in water depths of 1-5 meters. Growing in the warm climate of shallow water means that they develop the healthy lustre that Akoya pearls are renowned for.

Akoya pearls are popular because they grow in such consistent shape and quality. It is simple to match a necklace or other pearl creation as all the pearls appear as if part of a set. Akoya pearls also excel by containing few surface blemishes. The lustre is usually of a deep, intense rosé.

Because Akoya pearls are grown organically, there is no standard worldwide classification system to grade the quality of the pearls. However, when you choose to buy Akoya pearls with the DCLA, we ensure that all pearls are of the highest quality in accordance with our strict standards.

For first-time buyers of pearls, we recommend Akoya because they suit most complexions and can be styled to look sophisticated or classic, depending on the owner’s taste.