Working at DCLA

DCLA was told not to tell the consumer about the industries faults, so we did you. (Current affair link today tonight link)

DCLA was told if we did expose what certain members of the trade were doing we would not get industry support, so we did.

(Industry letters warnings)

We where blacklisted and boycotted by the trade.

Result is You will only find the finest dealers and jewellers in Australia working with the DCLA certificate.

Why is simple, because we set a standard of ethics and accountability which makes it very difficult or impossible for some to reach.

As a Laboratory working to the IDC rules as set out by IDMA ans the WFDB we are one of the world's premier Laboratories.

We now offer direct buying services using our DCLA Diamond Exchange platform. The Platform gives you access to the best diamonds and jewellery manufacturers in you own home. DCLA is the only laboratory in the world that guarantees the diamonds quality, natural origin. As well as being conflict free origin.

As a true Diamond exchange we guarantee every buy back should you wish to sell or exchange the diamond for a larger or different style of diamond. No other supplier in Australia can do this. As a Diamond Exchange DCLA DX can trade your diamond locally or internationally. Assuring you the best trade or offer.

We are dedicated to providing the best environment for our suppliers and customers in the business.


DCLA Diamond Exchange Mission is Simple:

To offer only the highest grading standards and quality diamonds and fine jewellery to ensure our customers purchases are safe, enjoyable and memorable.


 Being transparent in our dealings with customers and each other.


 DCLA insures accountability on the trading floor.


Our headquarters are located in Sydney and Johannesburg, along with offices in Antwerp, Israel and India.


DCLA Diamond Exchange Constitution. (link)