0.22 Carat Round Diamond D Color SI2 Clarity

0.22 Carat Round Diamond D Color SI2 Clarity
  • 0.22 Carat Round Diamond D Color SI2 Clarity

0.22 Carat Round Diamond D Color SI2 Clarity
Certificate No. 6183033161

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Price: $275.10
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Diamond Grading Report

A Diamond Grading Report documents the specific characteristics of a diamond. These reports are issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which is among the most respected organizations in the diamond industry.

Learn the definitions of the terms used in a diamond certificate.

Certified by GIA

Diamond Details

Stock number: 76929514
Price: $275.10
Carat weight:
Depth %: --%
Table %: --%
Cut: fair

This diamond has been cut to yield more carat weight from the diamond rough, as determined by the GIA. A fair cut will produce some brilliance, but will not be as brilliant as a higher grade of cut.

Colour: F

In an F-colour diamond, no colour is visible to an untrained eye. As the least expensive diamond colour in the colorless range, F-colour diamonds display minimal colour difference from D- or E-colour diamonds and offer a lower price.

Clarity: SI1

The inclusions in this diamond can be visible at 10x power magnification. Inclusions in diamonds with SI grade clarity might be visible to the unaided eye. SI1 grade diamonds are not as rare as VS1 and VS2 grade diamonds, so they are less expensive and present a great value.

Diamond Carat Size Chart

This print out illustrates how diamonds of different carat weights and shapes will appear when viewed from the top down.

Your diamond may differ from the printout in length/width ratio, table, and depth.

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